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There have been many visiting examples of traction and stock to the Manx Electric Railway throughout it’s history, some to originally build the line, others for special events and centenaries. This section also includes items that have left the M.E.R permanently.

The Visitors are listed as follows: Locomotives, Motors, then Rolling Stock.

Isle of Man Railway Beyer Peacock Locomotives

IoMR No.1 ‘Sutherland’
IoMR No.2 ‘Derby’
IoMR No.4 ‘Loch’
IoMR No.8 ‘Fenella’ (Chassis Only)

Manx Northern Railway Dübs Locomotive

M.N.R No.4/IoMR No.15 ‘Caledonia’

Manx Northern Sharp Stewart Locomotive

M.N.R No.1 ‘Ramsey’

Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Company Barclay Locomotive

No. 719

Ruston and Hornsby 1949 Locomotive


Motor-Rail Co. 1959 Simplex Locomotive

No. 22021

Motor-Rail Co. 1966 Simplex Locomotive


Bord Na Móna Locomotives

Pig Bungle Zippy LM350 LM363

Wickham Railcars

No.7442 No.8849

Harsco Track Technologies 2003 Ballast Tamping Unit


FC Hibberd and Co. Planet Locomotive and Trailer

No.2027 No.2028

Snaefell Mountain Railway G.F Milnes 1895 Vestibuled Saloons

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6

Brill 1907 Tramcar

Lisbon No.360

Talbot 1956 Tramcar

Aachen No.1010

IoMR Brown Marshalls All Third

F.12 (Body Only)

IoMR ‘Ex Pair’ Ballast Hopper Wagons

F.65 F.70

Douglas Bay Tramway 1886 Starbuck Car and Wagon Co.
Open Toastrack Trailer


Douglas Bay Tramway 1896 G.F Milnes and Co.
Roofed Toastrack Trailer


Douglas Bay Tramway 1908 G.F Milnes and Co.
Roofed Toastrack Trailer


Douglas Bay Tramway 1911 Milnes and Voss
Roofed Toastrack Trailer


Douglas Bay Tramway 1935 Vulcan Co.
‘Tomato Box’ Trailers

No.48 No.49 No.50

Taylor Hubbard Steam Crane


Manx Northern Railway 4 Wheel Ballast Wagons

No.20 No.21 No.24 No.29

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