Lisbon No.360

Lisbon 360 at Derby Castle, 14th April 2002 © David Beardmore

Builder: Brill/John Stephenson Co.
Build Number: 360?
Built: 1907
Classification: ‘Convertible Saloon’
Current Number: None carried externally
Name: None

Current Status/Location: Body only, Private Residence, Ballasalla
Year Last Operated: 1993 (in Lisbon), 1996 (in Derby Castle Yard)
Livery: Red/Yellow with advertising, now Maroon
Year Visited: 1996-2002

Lisbon No.360 was purchased by the M.E.R in mid-1996 (arriving in May and touching down on M.E.R metals in June) for £23,000 for potential re-use on the Manx Electric.

It was found however to be too wide, and spent it’s time stored in Derby Castle Lower Sheds. It was then decided to use No.360 as a waiting shelter, without trucks at Derby Castle in May 2000. The tram was moved to the Homefield Bus Garage in Upper Douglas, in April 2002 for storage, and then moving out during the mass exodus in December 2009.

No.360 was taken to JCK Balthanes haulage company yard in Ballasalla, later moving in Summer 2013 to a private residence.


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