Permanent Way

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The need to keep the line in serviceable condition has seen a varying level of commitment from the initial opening right through to it’s current best this century. A large variety of stock has either been bought in or converted from previous examples, some gaining a more unlikely use than others!

The Permanent Way Stock is listed as follows: Locomotives, then Wagons.

M.E.R 1995 Replica Locomotive


Wickham Railcar


Wickham Railcar Trailer


M.E.R Converted Trailers

No.45 No.52

M.E.R Converted Vans/Wagons

No.12 No.21

Drop Sided Wagon


W.G Allen & Sons Tippler Wagons

13-24/4 13-24/5 13-24/6

Tower Wagons (1894)

No.1 No.2 No.3

Tower Wagons (1930s)

No.1 No.3

Tower Wagon (1970s)


Tower Wagon (1990s)


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