Wagon No.10 (1897-98)

Derby Castle Top Shed, 2016

Wagon No.10 inside Derby Castle Top Shed, July 2016 © David Hennessey

Numbers Carried: No.10
Built: G.F Milnes, 189798
6 ton open wagon, then tower wagon, then open wagon

Current Status/Location: In Service
Year Last Operated: 2000 (as Tower), In Service (as Open)
Livery: Freight Grey

History: Wagon No.10, built for the Manx Electric Railway by G.F Milnes arrived for the construction of the extension to Ballure from Laxey in 1898. No.10 was then withdrawn during the late 1940s/early 1950s as life expired, being stored at the rear of the Bonner Siding at Derby Castle Car Sheds.

It then saw a reprieve, and, by 1975, was converted into a tower wagon at Derby Castle Car Sheds (apparently classified as No.2), and used up until 2000 alongside the 1931-built No.1 and No.3 in the 1970s, and Tower Van No.12 thereafter.

It was then stored at Laxey Car Shed and replaced by a new 1998-built Tower Wagon, constructed out of Wagon No.1. No.10 was moved to the Great Laxey Mines Railway in February 2009, for restoration by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust to original 1898 condition as an open wagon. It was moved back to M.E.R tracks at the Laxey Blacksmith Siding during November 2010, re-debuting in it’s restored guise in July 2011. After a brief running appearance in Laxey Station for the ‘Winter Photography’ event in November 2013, it was moved to Derby Castle Car Sheds by road in March 2014 for further attention to operate along the whole M.E.R, returning to operational fleet status as part of the Manx Heritage Transport festival in late July.




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