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The unusual combination of No.1 and Trailer No.58 in service on Thursday 13th September. © Andrew Scarffe

The unusual combination of No.1 and Trailer No.58 in service on Thursday 13th September 2012. © Andrew Scarffe

Introducing our latest project – The Workings! In the past we’ve received a number of requests for information as to which cars worked which services on which day, people looking to complete haulage records or simply to remember when a certain combination was last ran.

For this, I’ve been compiling the following over the past year or so – A communal spreadsheet hosted on Google Drive (similar to the 80s Timewarp website that used to exist for Heritage Diesel workings on British Rail), that can be accessed by all at the following link –


Working data has been recorded and complied from a variety of sources, including journals, photographs, magazines and videos to bring this forward for everyone to access. As you can see its still very much an alpha / work in progress, so there are obvious gaps missing, but they’ll be filled in in due course. Additional sheets are available for the last known working dates for each out of use Car and Trailer (a known discussion point for many!), and incomplete information.

In the meantime, if anyone has any working data they would like to contribute or amend please drop me a line at manxelectric@gmail.com and i’ll add it on during my next sweep through. Cheers!

Alex Fairlie

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