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Derby Castle, 2013

Trailer No.51 at Derby Castle, July 2013 © David Hennessey

The history of the unpowered half of the M.E.R’s passenger vehicle fleet is complicated, as there have been withdrawls, scrappings, replacements, conversions and several renumberings.

The Motors are numbered mainly in order of construction, however this doesn’t apply to the Trailers. As they have always followed on from the highest numbered Motor. This changed several times between 1893 and 1906, and some Trailers have carried several numbers as they were renumbered almost yearly to allow for new arrivals. Some were even converted into Motors!

The Trailers are listed here in build date order – please click on each number for more information about that Trailer.

G.F Milnes 1893 Open Trailers

No.49 No.50 No.51 No.52 No.53 No.54

G.F Milnes 1894 Open Trailers

No.34 No.35 No.36 No.37 No.38 No.39

G.F Milnes 1895 ‘Special Saloon’


G.F Milnes 1896 Open Trailer


G.F Milnes 1898 Open Trailers

No.40 No.41 No.42 No.43

G.F Milnes 1899 Open Trailers

No.44 No.45 No.46 No.47 No.48

G.F Milnes 1903 Open Trailers

No.40 No.41 No.42 No.43

E.R.T.C.C 1904 Open Trailers

No.55 No.56

E.R.T.C.C 1904 ‘Enclosed Saloon’ Trailers

No.57 No.58

U.E.C.C 1906 Open Trailers

No.61 No.62

English Electric 1930 Open Trailers

No.40 No.41 No.44

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