Waiting Shelters

Derby Castle Grand Canopy (1896-1980)
Horse Tram No.49 (1980-1982)
Leyland National Bus IMT 26 (June 1997-May 2000)
Lisbon No.360 (May 2000-April 2002)
Derby Castle (2002-Current)

Onchan Head (1899-1978)
Onchan Head (2002-Current)
Majestic (2002-Current)
Braeside (2002-Current)
Far End (2002-Current)
Howstrake (1910-Current)
Groudle Old Road (2000-Current)
Groudle Glen (1894-Current)
Baldromma (1899-1900)
Baldromma (2000-Current)
Ballameanagh (2002-Current)
Baldrine (1899-Current)
Garwick (1895-1979)
Ballagawne (2002-Current)
Ballabeg (1905-Current)
Fairy Cottage (1899-Current)
South Cape (1899-Current)

Minorca (1900-Current)
Ballaragh (1967-1973)
Dhoon Glen (1898-1985)
Dhoon Glen (1987-Current)
Dhoon Quarry (1900s-2004)
Glen Mona (1900s-1987)
Glen Mona (1988-Current)
Ballaglass (1900s-1985)
Ballaglass (1989-Current)
Cornaa (1898-Current)
Ballaskeig (1900s-Current)
Ballafayle Corteens (19xx-1979)
Rome’s Crossing (1900s-19xx)
Rome’s Crossing (19xx-200x)
Ballajora (1898-Current)
Dreemskerry (1898-Current)
Lewaigue (1898-1986)
Lewaigue (1986-Current)
Belle Vue (1898-2001)
Belle Vue (2002)
Belle Vue (2002-Current)


No.1-No.2, No.13-No.14 Strathallan Crescent
Strathallan Hotel (Terminus Tavern) – (1890-1957)
Booking Office (1893-1898)
Booking Office (1898-Current)

Derby Castle Car Sheds Yard Office (1924-Current)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Machine Shop (1904-Current)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Main Stores
Derby Castle Car Sheds Joiners Shop (1989-Current)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Mess Room (1890s-1988)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Works Office and Mess Room (1988-Current)
Derby Castle Paint Shop (1988-Current)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Oil and Paint Store

Derby Castle No.1 (Bottom) Car Shed (1893-Current)
Derby Castle No.2 Car Shed (1894/95-1996)
Derby Castle No.3 Car Shed (1894/95-1996)
Derby Castle No.4 Car Shed (1894/95-1996)
Derby Castle No.5 Car Shed (1924-1996)
Derby Castle No.6 Car Shed (1924-1989)
Derby Castle Top Car Shed (1997-Current)

Derby Castle Goods Shed (1908-1988)

Onchan Head Booking Office (1899-1978)

Groudle Glen Booking Office (1894-Current)
Groudle Glen Tollhouse (1893-1926)

Garwick Glen Booking Office (1895-1979)
Garwick Glen Kiosk/Junketing (1895-1979)

Laxey Car Shed Store Cottage (1860s-Current)
Laxey Car Shed (1904-1930)
Laxey Car Shed (1930-2008)
Laxey Car Shed (2009-Current)

Laxey Station Building (1899-Current)
Laxey Refreshment Rooms (1899-1917)
Laxey Refreshment Kiosk (1930s-2004)
Laxey Station Junketings (1899-2014)
Laxey Station Junketings (2015-Current)
Laxey Station Hotel (1890s-1957)
Laxey Goods Shed (1903-Current)

Dhoon Glen Hotel/Refreshment Rooms (1899-1932)
Dhoon Glen Station Kiosk (1899-1930s)
Dhoon Glen Station Kiosk (1930s-Current)
Dhoon Glen Junketing (1899-1940s)

Dhoon Quarry Sawmill/Sleeper Depot (1899-1973)
Dhoon Quarry Store/Creosote Cottage (1899-1979)
Dhoon Quarry Smithy/Stores Building (1899-Extant)

Ballaglass Kiosk/Junketings (1899-1945)

Ballure Car Shed (1898-190x)
Ballure Station Building (1898-99)

Ramsey Palace Concert Hall (1897-1938)
Ramsey Station Building (1899-1900s)
Ramsey Station Booking Office (1900-1964)
Ramsey Car Shed (1899-2016)
Ramsey Goods Shed (1903-Current)
Ramsey Station Junketings (1899-1960s)
Ramsey Station Building (1964-Current)

Structures (Viaducts, Bridges)

Summerland Overbridge (1969-Early 1990s)

Groudle Viaduct (1894-Current)

Lower Rencell Underbridge (1895-Current)

Glen Roy Viaduct (Laxey) (1898-Current)

Minorca Viaduct (1898-Current)

Ballagorry Overbridge (1901-Current)

Ballaglass Culvert (1898-Current)

Ballure Bridge (1899-Current)

Power Stations/Substations

Derby Castle Car Sheds Engine House (1893-1904)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Boiler House (1893-1908)
Derby Castle Car Sheds Substation
Groudle Battery House (1893-1930s)
Groudle Substation (1903-Current)
Laxey Substation (1935-Current)
Laxey Substation (2012-Current)
Laxey Power Station (1899-1935)

Ballaglass Power Station (1899-1989)
Ballagorry Substation (1989-Current)
Belle Vue Substation (1934-Current)

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