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Two of the varied fleet of Motors, Nos. 5 and 16, at Ramsey.

The M.E.R has had, throughout it’s career, a total of 34 motor cars, of which 27 survive today in some shape or form. This page lists all the line’s Motor fleet by type, design and build date. Please click on a fleet number to see a more detailed page about that vehicle.

G.F Milnes 1893 Unvestibuled Saloons

No.1 No.2 No.3

G.F Milnes 1894 ‘Tunnel Cars’

No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8 No.9

G.F Milnes 1895 Vestibuled Saloons

No.10 No.11 No.12 No.13

G.F Milnes 1898 Crossbench Open Cars

No.14 No.15 No.16 No.17 No.18

G.F Milnes 1899 ‘Winter Saloons’

No.19 No.20 No.21 No.22

M.E.R 1900 Locomotive


G.F Milnes 1898 ‘Paddlebox’ Open Cars

No.24 No.25 No.26 No.27

E.R.T.C.C 1904 Crossbench Open Cars

No.28 No.29 No.30 No.31

U.E.C.C. 1906 Crossbench Open Cars

No.32 No.33

M.E.R 1995 Replica Locomotive


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