The Manx Electric Railway operates a unique fleet of vintage Victorian and Edwardian vehicles from the pioneering days of electric tramways.

This page lists all the line’s Motor fleet by type, design and build date. Find out more by clicking your chosen Car’s number.


1893 – Unvestibuled Saloon

No.1      No.2      No.3


1894 – Tunnel Car

No.4      No.5      No.6

No.7      No.8      No.9


1895 – Vestibuled Saloon

No.10      No.11

No.12      No.13


1898 – Crossbench Open

No.14      No.15

No.16      No.17



1899 – Winter Saloon

No.19      No.20

No.21      No.22


1900 – Freight Locomotive



1898 – Paddlebox Open

No.24      No.25

No.26      No.27


1904 – Crossbench Open

No.28      No.29

No.30      No.31


1906 – Crossbench Open

No.32      No.33


1995 – Replica Locomotive


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