Car No.19 (1899)

Car No.19 at Dreemskerry, March 2018 © Andrew Scarffe

Under maintenance, Derby Castle Car Sheds In Service DL&ET Cream/Teak


Car No.19 was built by G.F.Milnes and delivered to the M.E.R in 1899, along with the three other ‘Winter Saloons’. Originally delivered with Milnes Series 3 trucks (powered by E.C.C Motors), No.19 and her classmates saw such an amount of use that in 1904 it was seen to refit them with the more powerful Brill 27Cx trucks that had recently arrived under Car Nos. 28-31. Under this scheme, No.19 received the trucks and air braking equipment from under Car No.29.

No.19 received new seats in 1932, with cushions replacing the original wooden upholstery. These were further replaced in 1967. Other than this, No.19 has seen few changes since it’s re-motoring in 1904. It is also notable in the fact it was the only Winter Saloon not to carry the Nationalised Green livery in the late 1950s, the Car retaining traditional liveries throughout it’s life – even in 1979 it was repainted into 1904 livery as part of the Centenary of Electric Traction!

The Car received an overhaul from Summer 1995, returning to traffic in July 1997 in ‘as delivered’ ‘Douglas Laxey and Ramsey’  livery but was later repainted into an interpretation of the 1940s/50s Austerity livery which it carried until withdrawl for a repaint in Autumn 2011, returning to traffic in June 2012 in the standard M.E.R Red/White/Teak livery. In late 2017 the Car was withdrawn for a repaint into its original 1899 livery as part of the M.E.R. 125 celebrations taking place in 2018.

No.19 continues to be one of the unsung heroes of the M.E.R fleet, rarely being out of traffic and operating the majority of timetabled services from it’s construction.




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