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The history of the freight carrying wagons and vans of the Manx Electric Railway is complicated and varied, from an initial start with only four wagons, to the heyday in the 1920s-1930s, to the current modern-day situation where only a handful are in serviceable condition.

The wagons are listed here in Number Order – Please click on more for more information about that particular wagon or van.

G.F Milnes 1894 Open Wagons

No.1 No.2

G.F Milnes 1894 Vans

No.3 No.4

G.F Milnes 1895-96 Open Wagon


G.F Milnes 1897-98 Open Wagons

No.6 No.7 No.8 No.9 No.10

G.F Milnes 1898-99 Vans

No.11 No.12

G.F Milnes 1903-04 Vans

No.13 No.14

M.E.R 1908 Vans

No.15 No.16

Milnes/Voss 1912 Open Wagons

No.17 No.18

M.E.R 1912 Stone Wagons

No.19 No.20

M.E.R 1904 Converted Freight Motor/Trailer


M.E.R 1926 Stone Wagon


M.E.R 1903 Converted Cattle Motor/Trailer


M.E.R 1918 Converted Freight Trailer


M.E.R 1904 Sheep Trailers, then M.E.R 1924 Stone Wagons

No.24 No.25

M.E.R 1918 Converted Freight Trailer


M.E.R Converted Ballast Wagon


Bonner 1899 Road Rail Wagons

No.1 No.2 No.3

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