Van No.13 (1903/04)

Dhoon Quarry, 2014

Van No.13 at Dhoon Quarry, July 2014 © David Martin

Numbers Carried: No.13
Built: G.F Milnes, 1903-04
Small van with no platforms

Current Status/Location: Stored Under Tarpaulin, off tracks at Dhoon Quarry
Year Last Operated: 1979
Livery: M.E.R Freight Grey with Stencil Lettering

History: Van No.13 was delivered at Derby Castle in 1904, listed in reports as a ‘small mail van’, entering service shortly after. Overhauled in 1957/58 (being re-wheeled from spoked to disc-style wheels), it was withdrawn from traffic during 1979 and placed in storage at Derby Castle Car Sheds. During the mid-1990s, the side doors were removed, and replaced by wooden boards.

No.13 was moved off-railway to the Homefield Bus Depot, Upper Douglas in January 2001, returning in November 2009 for further storage off tracks at Dhoon Quarry.





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