Ultimate Driver Experience Courses

Have you ever wanted to drive a tram car?  Well now you can by taking part in a tram driver experience day on the Manx Electric Railway. Learn the intricacies of the controller and brake systems, find out exactly how a tram car works and enjoy miles and miles of driving experience under the guidance of an experienced and friendly MER instructor.

There are three types of course on offer:

A ‘beginners’ course for those who have not driven before. First time participants can get to grips with the controls, learn the line and practice your driving style.

An ‘intermediate’ course is also offered for those who have driven before and comprises an enclosed Car (such as a ‘Winter Saloon’) plus a trailer.  The emphasis on this course is driving plus the trailer shunt operations at either end of the line.

An ‘advanced’ course is offered to participants who have completed their beginner and intermediate courses. This involves the use of Car 14, which is fitted with ratchet handbrakes, giving a unique driving experience.

Each UDE takes a full day and includes safety briefings, history of the railway and the rolling stock, theory tuition and most excitingly hands on driving experience! For those who are really passionate there is also the opportunity to help with the morning cleaning and preparation routine, but this is entirely optional!

Your tram or will be exclusively for the use of the Driving Experience. There will be a maximum of two participants on each experience so you always get one to one attention and full supervision.

To book:

Dates for 2022 can be found HERE.

Limited dates are available and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

To book, please call  +44 1624 697419 or e-mail Marieanne.hutton@gov.im directly. As there are limited dates available, bookings are made on a first come first served basis.


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