Wagon No.9 (1897-98)

Derby Castle Bottom Sheds, 1993

Wagon No.9 at the Derby Castle Bottom Sheds, September 1993 © http://www.mer.im

Numbers Carried: No.9
Built: G.F Milnes, 189798
6 ton open wagon

Current Status/Location: Scrapped, Derby Castle Car Sheds, September 1993
Year Last Operated: 1978?
Livery: Freight Grey

History: Wagon No.9, built for the Manx Electric Railway by G.F Milnes arrived for the construction of the extension to Ballure from Laxey in 1898. For an unknown reason, No.9 was fitted with additional bracing on one seaside and both landside axleboxes.

It was overhauled during the Nationalisation period in Winter 1957/58, and was then rebuilt as a dedicated Weedkiller Wagon, with a large tank with spraying equipment, powered by a on-board diesel generator. (the Derby Castle end bulkhead also being removed)

It retained this equipment until the mid-late 1970s, whereupon it was removed (and later fitted to to Wagon No.1). By 1979 No.9 was moved for storage at Dhoon Quarry, remaining there until 1992, where it was taken for final scrapping at Derby Castle Car Sheds during September 1993.



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