Van No.11 (1898/99)

Laxey Goods Shed, 2016

The frame of Van No.11 inside Laxey Goods Shed, January 2016 © Andrew Scarffe

Numbers Carried: No.11
Built: G.F Milnes, 189899
6 ton van (with platforms removed)

Current Status/Location: Under Restoration, Laxey Goods Shed
Year Last Operated: 1997
Livery: M.E.R Dark Freight Grey with Stencil Lettering

History: Van No.11, built by G.F Milnes and Co. for the Manx Electric Railway arrived at Derby Castle in time for the commencement of the Ramsey parcels traffic in 1899, entering service shortly after.

It was used frequently for goods and parcel traffic throughout the system, being overhauled during the 1957/58 M.E.R Nationalisation, appearing in the Olive Green colour of the period during the mid-1960s. In addition to it’s normal duty, No.11 also appeared on special runs, including during the May 1984 ‘Vintage Transport Weekend’ behind Locomotive No.23. During 1990/91, it was overhauled, and repainted in a darker version of the Freight Grey scheme, but retained the Stencil style lettering, being used on demonstration freights during 1993 hauled by IoMR No.4 ‘Loch’, and again Locomotive No.23.

No.11 was the last item of Van stock in serviceable condition during the mid 1990s (No.4 only being used for specials), used mainly for station-to-station deliveries, finally being withdrawn by 1997. The Van went into store at Homefield Bus Garage, Upper Douglas during January 2001, and was removed during November 2009 and transferred to the Jurby Transport Museum, where it remained outside in the rear compound. In March 2015 Van No.11 was moved to the Laxey Blacksmiths Siding for restoration by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust, which commenced in October with the van stripped back to its bare frame. The overhaul of Van No.11 is currently paused while the volunteers work on the return to service of Ratchet Car No.14.





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