Van No.3 (1894)

Laxey Goods Shed, 2015

Van No.3 at Laxey Goods Shed, October 2015 © Andrew Scarffe

Numbers Carried: No.3
Built: G.F Milnes, 1894
6 ton van with platforms (platforms removed in Winter 1963/64)

Current Status/Location: Under Restoration, Laxey Blacksmith’s Siding
Year Last Operated: 1977?
Livery: M.E.R Freight Grey with Stencil Lettering

History: Van No.3 arrived at Derby Castle during 1894-95, built by G.F Milnes of Birkenhead, the first item of covered stock acquired by the railway. It was overhauled during the nationalisation period of 1957-58, and had it’s end platforms removed during Winter 1963/64.

No.3 was withdrawn from service in the late 1970s, and stored in Laxey Car Shed during 1978. The van remained in store until May 2002, when it was moved for off-railway storage at the Homefield Bus Garage in Upper Douglas. No.3 returned to the M.E.R in November 2009 after the expiry of the lease of the garage, being placed off-tracks at Dhoon Quarry, just north of the former site of the Creosote Cottage.

It was then placed back on the rails during November/December 2010, being moved down to the Laxey Blacksmith Siding for restoration by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust.




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