Wagon No.21 (1926)

Bulgham Head, 2017

Wagon No.21 at Bulgham Head, January 2017 © Andrew Scarffe

Numbers Carried: No.21
Built: M.E.R Derby Castle, 1926
Dreadnought Stone Wagon, then Permanent Way Flat

Current Status/Location: In Service
Year Last Operated: In Service
Livery: Yellow/Black

Wagon No.21 was built in February 1926 using the trucks from the 1904 Freight Motor Conversion of the same number, and a brand new steel underframe and wooden sides. In April 1942, the Wagon gained a replacement set of Brush ‘D’ Trucks from one of the Motor victims of the Laxey Car Shed fire, presumably either No.3, No.8 or No.24.  No.21 was officially written off in 1952, but it was retained for engineering use. The sides were removed in 1962/63, the wagon becoming a flat. A tank from an old fuel delivery road vehicle was placed on the back of No.21 during the 1967 Bulgham Bulge repairs, to fix the lack of a water supply for the cement on-site.

The wagon was further rebuilt after storage at Dhoon Quarry during the 1970s closure period, and a pair of hydraulic ‘Challenger 1600PW’ cranes (with a maximum lifting capacity of 1600kg, or 3520lbs) were fitted to each end in 1977 for use by the Permanent Way Department. They were removed in Summer 2000 for No.21’s further conversion into a ballast wagon, two hoppers being fitted to each end, it subsequently being outshopped for the track renewal programme in Winter 2000/01.  During Autumn 2001, the size of the hoppers were increased in height, for carriage of higher ballast quantities.

The modifications were removed during November 2008, RMS Locotec staff moving it from Dhoon Quarry and converting it at Dumbells Row into a flat wagon, with overhauled air brakes. Following completion of the work, No.21 was stored at Dhoon Quarry, from 2011 until 2017. In January 2017 the wagon was moved to Laxey Car Shed, to receive attention to enable it to be used carrying rails, re-entering service during February.





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