Technical – Wagon No.21 (1926)

Built: M.E.R, Derby Castle, February 1926

Trucks:February 1926-April 1942: Milnes Series 3 (Milnes Frames)
April 1942-Current: Brush Type ‘D’

April 1942: General Overhaul, Trucks Swapped from Milnes Series 3 to Brush Type ‘D’
1962: Wagons Sides and Ends Removed
1977: Overhaul, with 2 Challenger 1600PW Cranes (1600kg/3520lbs) fitted
Summer-Winter 2000: Challenger Cranes removed, Two Ballast Hoppers Fitted
Autumn 2001: Ballast Hoppers Increased in Height
November 2008: Ballast Hoppers Removed, Air Braking fitted (work undertaken by RMS Locotec at Dumbells Row)


1926-1942: Grey with Grey ‘M.E.R’ and ‘No.21’ Lettering

1942-1977: Grey with No Lettering

1977-Summer 2000: Red with No Lettering

Summer 2000-November 2008: Yellow/Black with White M.E.R Lettering

November 2008-Current: Yellow/Black with No Lettering

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