Wagon No.19 (1912)

Wagon No.19 in store at Dhoon Quarry, 1950s © Travel Lens Photographic

Wagon No.19 in store at Dhoon Quarry, 1949 © Travel Lens Photographic

Numbers Carried: No.19
Built: M.E.R Derby Castle, 1912
Dreadnought Stone Wagon

Current Status/Location: Scrapped
Year Last Operated: 1952?
Livery: Grey

History: ‘Dreadnought’ No.19 was built in 1912 as a 12 ton bogie stone wagon utilising de-motored 1893/94 Milnes S3 trucks, entering service in February of the same year. It saw regular use until withdrawl in 1933 as life expired, donating a truck in Winter 1936/7 to fellow Dreadnought No.25.

No.19 saw a reprieve in 1941, being rebuilt using new timber, being officially written off post-war in 1952. It was broken up in 1957 after a long storage period at Dhoon Quarry.

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