Van No.12 (1898/99)

Laxey Blacksmith's Siding, 2014

Van No.12 at Laxey Goods Shed, July 2014 © David Martin

Numbers Carried: No.12
Built: G.F Milnes, 189899
6 ton van with platforms (formerly Tower Van)

Current Status/Location: Awaiting Restoration, Laxey Goods Shed Yard
Year Last Operated: 2013
Livery: Yellow

History: Van No.12, built by G.F Milnes and Co. for the Manx Electric Railway arrived at Derby Castle in time for the commencement of the Ramsey parcels traffic in 1899, entering service shortly after.

In Winter 1967 No.12 lost it’s roof at Ballafayle during a fierce storm, and was rebuilt at Derby Castle Car Sheds with a replacement ridged roof, re-entering service during 1968. Due to a need for further Tower Wagons, No.12 was rebuilt in 1976/77 with a platform on the roof, allowing the Overhead Line Department a way of accessing and storing tools on site whilst still having a Tower! It gained a coat of yellow in 1990, remaining in regular traffic until 2008.

No.12 was then permanently stored inside Laxey Goods Shed, making a final running appearance during the November 2013 Winter Photography Event. As the Laxey Goods Shed was to have the point connection removed, the tower platform was removed, with No.12 being tripped down to Derby Castle Bottom Shed for further storage in November 2013. During July 2014 Van No.12 was moved from Derby Castle to Laxey Goods Shed yard, pending eventual restoration and display by the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust.


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