Wagon No.1 (1894)

Bonner Corner, 2016

Wagon No.1 at Bonner Corner, July 2016 © Josh Haworth

Numbers Carried: No.1
Built: G.F Milnes, 1894
6 ton open wagon, now Tower Wagon

Current Status/Location: Operational
Year Last Operated: In Service
Livery: Grey/Brown

History: Wagon No.1 was the first item of freight stock built for the Manx Electric Railway, by G.F Milnes of Birkenhead, arriving at Derby Castle in November 1894, entering service immediately on goods work.

It was last overhauled during the Nationalisation period in Winter 1957/58, seeing use with the Permanent Way Department during the 1970s. No.1 received the Weedkilling Equipment previously fitted to Wagon No.9 during the early-mid 1980s, which it in turn retained until 1990/91. (Between 1981 and 1990, No.1 was turned round, the wagonbrake now on the landside, and the retained bulkhead now at the Derby Castle End).

The chassis was then used during 1998 as the basis for a new Tower Wagon, seeing use as a replacement for Wagon No.10’s own 1970s conversion, which had become life expired. Following a period use throughout the early to mid 2000s, it was then stored in Laxey Car Shed (later the Goods Shed), after being superseded by the addition of a scissor lift to Trailer No.52. During Winter 2013/14 the connecting point from the Goods Shed to the main network was due to be disconnected, with Wagon No.1 moving to Derby Castle Top Shed for further storage as a result (and its tower wagon platform removed). No.1 was reassembled with a shorter height tower in June 2016, returning to operational status.




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