Car No.11 (1895)

Car No.11 at Groudle, 1895. © Website Collection

Car No.11 at Groudle, 1895. © Website Collection

Scrapped, 1926 1925 D&LET Blue/Teak, Grey

Car No.11 was built in 1895 by G.F Milnes and Co as a ‘Vestibuled Saloon’ passenger car, fitted with standard Milnes Series 3 trucks, powered by 2x25hp Mather and Platt traction motors, and Mather and Platt controllers. It was withdrawn in 1902 after only 7 years of service, and was then decided to be rebuilt as a ‘Goods Car’, being out-shopped in July 1904.

No.11 ran for a short time without the standard boarded-up windows of the rebuilds (still with the side bars), but had them fitted later on during 1904. It had the traction motors removed from the trucks during 1911, with No.11 now reclassified as a Freight Trailer, and later renumbered to No.21 in the Goods Fleet during 1918. In late 1925/early 1926, the car donated it’s Milnes trucks to the construction of a new Dreadnought Wagon, which also took the number of 21, which was finished in February of 1926. The body and frames were scrapped shortly after.

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