Car No.2 (1893)


Car No.2 at Howstrake, July 2021 © Andrew Scarffe

In Service In Service D&LCET Maroon/Ivory


Car No.2 was the second item of rolling stock supplied by G.F Milnes in 1893 for the Douglas and Laxey Coast Electric Tramway, delivered with Milnes’s Series 3 trucks and Mather & Platt electrical equipment. It was re-equipped with Brush ‘D’ Trucks and air braking in July 1903, and during the 1930s became the dedicated car for the Overhead Line Department, but was frequently brought back into passenger use for services and specials in the Summer, being repainted in an unlettered red livery in the mid-1940s. The car saw few changes after this, receiving K12 Controllers in November 1947 to replace the previous K11 units.

In Winter 1980-81, No.2 was repainted and overhauled into D&LCET Maroon, an interpretation of the original livery carried (following similar treatment to No.1 in 1979). It carried variations of this paintwork until 2002, where the Maroon was replaced with Prussian Blue (another approximation of the original livery), which it in turn carried until Autumn/Winter 2004. No.2 was then repainted into 1930s M.E.R Red/White/Teak at Ramsey Car Shed (again, following No.1), this being retained to this day.

After a period of storage from September 2010 to December 2012, No.2 underwent an overhaul and truck swap at Derby Castle Car Sheds, exchanging it’s original set with the set previously carried under Car No.7 (in turn, ex Car-No.27), returning to traffic in March 2013. The car is a common sight for enthusiast specials and additionals during the summer, and is nearly the oldest operating tramcar on it’s original line in the world (second only to No.1!).

Car No.2 was repainted into its original 1893 colourscheme of Douglas & Laxey Coast Electric Tramway maroon and ivory in early 2021, returning to service in July.




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