Car No.15 (1898)

Derby Castle Top Shed, 2013

Car No.15 inside Derby Castle Top Shed, July 2013 © David Hennessey

Stored, Derby Castle Car Sheds Passenger: 1970

Last Duties: 1973

M.E.R Red/White


Car No.15 was the second of five Crossbench open Cars built by G.F.Milnes and delivered to the M.E.R in 1898. It was delivered with Milnes Series 3 Trucks (Powered by E.C.C Motors) which it retains to this day, and as a result No.15 never received air braking equipment, having to rely on the Ratchet braking system.

Compared to the other Motors of the fleet, No.15 was used very lightly, used on shuttles from Derby Castle to Onchan Head, Howstrake, Groudle and Garwick Glen. However, strangely the Car received improved G.E K12 controllers from Car No.25 in 1936, swapping with it it’s previously carried G.E K11s. Following the decline in service of the ‘Ratchet’ Cars during the 1960s and early 1970s, No.15 saw a drop in it’s already low amount of usage and was converted to become a mobile advertising board during early 1972, before being withdrawn in late 1973. No.15 was one of four Motors offered for sale by the M.E.R in 1978, however fortunately no successful bids were received.

No.15 was stored in Laxey Car Shed from it’s 1973 withdrawl until May 2002, when it was moved, initially to Derby Castle Car Sheds, followed by a removal from its trucks and transportation to the ex-bus depot at Homefield in Upper Douglas. Following seven years in store away from the M.E.R, No.15 returned to the system in November 2009 and is currently stored at Derby Castle Car Sheds in a partly stripped state.




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