Technical – Car No.15 (1898)

1898 – 19xx: Trolley Pole
Current: None

1898-April 2002: Milnes Series 3 (E.C.C Frames)
April 2002-November 2009: None
November 2009-Current: Milnes Series 3 (E.C.C Frames)

Traction Motors:
1898-2002: 4 x E.C.C (Electric Car Company, Wolverhampton) 20hp

1898-1936: General Electric K11 units
1936-Current: General Electric K12 units (units swapped for K11 units with Car No.25)

1898-Current: ‘Ratchet’ Handbraking

Seating Style:
1898-Current: Crossbench

Seating Capacity:
1898-Current: 56

1972-73: Fitted with side and front advertising boards



Dates Carried Livery Notes Image
1898-1899 Brown/White/Teak with ‘Isle of Man Tramways & Electric Power Co.’ lettering  Lettering carried on solebar
1899-1903  Brown/White/Teak with ‘Douglas & Ramsey Electric Tramways’ lettering Lettering removed 1902
1903-1944/47 Red/White/Teak with ‘The Manx Electric Railway Co Ltd.’ lettering  Repainted 1923
1944/47-1970? Red/White/Teak with M.E.R Lettering
1970?-Current Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway.’ lettering

Notable Dates:

20-21/05/2002 – Moved from Laxey Car Shed to Derby Castle Top Shed

22/05/2002 – Moved partly to Derby Castle, then hand-pushed to departure stop for de-trucking and onward movement to Homefield Bus Garage, Upper Douglas

26/11/2009 – Moved from Homefield Bus Garage, Upper Douglas back to Derby Castle departure stop, and was re-trucked.

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