Car No.16 (1898)

Car No.16 at Ramsey Parsonage Road, June 2017 © Andrew Scarffe

In Service In Service M.E.R Red/White


Car No.16 was the third of five ‘original’ toastracks built by G.F.Milnes in 1898 and was delivered, in common with the rest of it’s series, with four E.C.C 20hp traction motors and ‘ratchet’ hand brakes only. However the story of No.16 takes a slightly different turn to the rest of it’s series, losing it’s trucks to ‘Tunnel’ Car No.4 in 1899, receiving No.4’s less powerful trucks (with only 2 x 25hp motors) in exchange. Ironically, No.16 benefited from this swap, as in 1903 it gained a set of ‘Brush D’ bogies and air brakes at the same time Car Nos.24-27 were similarly treated.

To allow the larger trucks to fit, No.16s footboards were raised above the bogies, giving the Car the now-familiar ‘Paddlebox’ appearance and nickname. The modifications meant it was identical to the Car Nos.24-27 series and had less in common with her original series. From 1998 until 2017 No.16, along with Trailer No.60 following in Summer 2000, carried an interpretation of the ‘Nationalised’ Green livery (strange as neither Motor nor Trailer carried the livery when it was first introduced!) making them a popular duo whenever they appeared. In 2017 both Cars reverted to Red and White, with No.16 being temporarily painted into the ‘Austerity’ style of the 1940s and 50s, without any lining or lettering for the April ‘Rush Hour’ event, with lining and lettering being added in May to bring it to 1960s livery.

Car No.16 is in operational condition, however it rarely makes appearances on the M.E.R outside enthusiasts events and days where additional capacity is required.




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