Trailer No.52 (1893)

Laxey Car Shed, 2015

Trailer No.52 inside Laxey Car Shed, July 2015 © David Hennessey

In Service In Service Yellow/Black

Trailer No.52 was the fourth trailer built for the Manx Electric Railway in a batch of six delivered in 1893 by G.F Milnes of Birkenhead, as No.14. It was renumbered to No.31 in 1898 and finally No.52 in 1903/04. Bodywork wise, it was rebuilt with a canvas roof in 1894/95 from it’s condition as a fully open trailer, and rebuilt again in 1903 with a curved wooden roof.

No.52 was used as a passenger trailer during the summer months, and in winter the seats and roof were removed for use as a permanent way trailer. It was fully converted and kept in a flatbed condition in 1951, retaining just the Derby Castle end dash panel. Later, between 1959-63, No.52 was re-mounted on de-motored Milnes Series 3 trucks from the destroyed Car No.4 (which perished in the Laxey Car Shed fire in April 1930) for added strength. The roof was later re-used by the rebuild of Trailer No.51 into 1894 condition in 1987, after spending many years in store in Derby Castle Car Sheds.

The trailer was used sparingly from the late 1990s but remained ‘as converted’. A scissor lift was added during mid-2008 for use with the Overhead Line Department, Health and Safety restricting the use of the old-style Tower Wagons. No.52 remains based at Laxey Car Shed, in operational condition.


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