Trailer No.50 (1893)


Trailer 50 in the early stages of restoration at Laxey, January 2022 © Andrew Scarffe

Under Restoration, Laxey Car Shed 1978

Trailer No.50 was the second trailer built for the Manx Electric Railway in a batch of six built in 1893 by G.F Milnes of Birkenhead, as No.12. It was renumbered in 1895 to No.24 after the construction of the 10-13 series of Motors, No.29 in 1898 with the anticipation of the 24-27 trailer rebuilds, and finally No.50 in 1903/04 with the construction of the 28-31 series. It was rebuilt with a canvas roof in 1894/95 from it’s condition as a fully open trailer, and rebuilt again in 1903 with a curved wooden roof.

A pre-war rebuild in the late 1930s saw higher glazed end bulkheads added. Curiously, the trailer was only fitted with only four roof supporting posts, rather than the usual six fitted to the class. It appeared for a short while in the M.E.R Nationalised Green livery during 1957 (one of only three trailers to be given such), but was painted back into Red/White by 1961. No.50 was still available for summer work as required until Autumn 1978, when it was withdrawn from service and stored in Laxey Car Shed. It was one of four Trailers offered for sale by the M.E.R in the same year however no successful bids were received.

No.50 was moved from there for further storage at the Homefield Bus Garage in Upper Douglas in May 2002, returning to the M.E.R in November 2009, and moving for further storage inside the Car Shed at Ramsey. During November 2014, and with the impending demolition of the car shed, the Trailer was removed and placed on a low-loader, moving down to Laxey. There, No.50 was moved across to Laxey Car Shed for further undercover storage.

Following the restoration of Trailers 54 and 36 by volunteers, the restoration of Trailer 50 was announced in January 2022, with some preliminary work already having taken place.




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