Trailer No.45 (1899)

Trailer No.45 inside Laxey Car Shed, July 2012 © David Martin

Stored, Dhoon Quarry 2018 Yellow/Black

Trailer No.45 was ordered for the extension to Ramsey, and built by G.F Milnes as a standard crossbench of the No.44-No.48 series in 1899.  They were initially painted to match the brand new Cars of No.14-No.18. In August 1944 the Trailer was involved in a breakaway incident at Watson’s Crossing, with it and Van No.15 detaching, running backward and jumping the rails into Ballaglass Glen. No.45 was later fished out from the glen and heavily rebuilt at Derby Castle Car Sheds (The Van was not as lucky, being scrapped shortly after), returning and remaining in service pretty much constantly after this date until 2000, where it was withdrawn for a general overhaul, which was started in 2001/02.

Preparations were well underway, but then the trailer was chosen to be converted into a flat wagon for the Permanent Way Department, being subsequently rebuilt and emerging in early 2004, with most of the body removed and an end bulkhead was added to the Derby Castle End, painted in a black and yellow colour scheme.

After almost 20 years use with the Permanent Way department, No.45 was withdrawn from use and its frame remains at Dhoon Quarry.


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