Trailer No.37 (1894)


Trailer 37 at Laxey, July 2019 © Website Collection

In service In service Red/White

Trailer No.37 was the fourth trailer in a batch of six constructed for the Manx Electric Railway in 1894 by G.F Milnes, as No.20. It was renumbered as No.37 in 1898 with the impending construction of the ‘Winter Saloon’ Cars. The trailer saw pretty much constant use from the 1890s through till the 1970s, being used usually in good weather or for specials. During 1978/79, Trailer No.37 was repainted in Red/White to partner with Car No.9 for the 1979 events, though usually appeared with Car No.1 or No.2, and ran on selected occasions until 1991.

It was fully repainted with the assistance of volunteers from the Manx Electric Railway Society in 1992/93 to run with Car No.26, as the usual companion trailer for it, No.56, was out of use (eventually converted to a Disabled Access trailer). No.37 re-entered service in June and in turn appearing frequently throughout the ‘Year of Railways’. It saw regular service during the 1994 and 1995 events, particularly during the ‘Motor hauling Two Trailers’ runs, due to it being of very light weight.

No.37 was moved to the Douglas Carriage Sheds, IoMR in October 1996 for storage during the rebuild of the Derby Castle Top Car Sheds, moving back by December 1998 after being trapped inside during the rebuild of track outside! It saw service on special events and in summer once it returned, but was stored serviceable in 2007. The Trailer made one appearance in service in May 2009, otherwise remaining in Derby Castle Car Sheds. At the end of 2009, it was found to be suffering from cracked axles on it’s trucks, limiting its use. The Trailer remained stored until early 2019 when an overhaul was began to return the trailer to service and was completed in time for the 2019 Heritage Transport Festival.




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