Permanent Way – Tippler Wagon 13/24-5

Wagon No.13/24-5 at Dhoon Quarry, February 2011

Numbers Carried: 13/24-5, 2
Built: W.G Allen and Sons, Tipton, 1940-42
2.5 ton Side Tipping Wagon

Current Status/Location: Stored Serviceable, Dhoon Quarry
Year Last Operated: 2009
Livery: Black

History: 13/24-5 was built by W.G Allen and Sons of Tipton in 1940-42 for the Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway near Fort William, Scotland, and was used up until closure of the railway during 1977.

It arrived on the M.E.R during 1997 after purchase from a private collection, and was based at Dhoon Quarry, and used on various ballasting and relaying work. Now out of use, it remains with the other two tippler wagons in the Loading Dock Siding at Dhoon Quarry.

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