Barclay No.719

Barclay No.719 ‘Injebreck’ at West Baldwin. © iMuseum

Builder: Andrew Barclay, Kilmarnock
Build Number: 719
Built: 1892
Classification: 0-4-0ST
Number: No.1

Current Status/Location: Scrapped
Livery: Lined Green?

Year Visited: February 1898 – January 1901

History: No. 719 was built in 1892 by Andrew Barclay for ‘Morrison and Mason’, contractors based out of Glasgow, being delivered on the 27th of June. It was purchased by the Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Company for the extension works to Ballure and Ramsey from Laxey in February 1898, and was used until the completion of the work in 1899.

During the liquidation of the IoMT&EPCo, No.719 was purchased alongside 45 wagons in October 1900 by the Douglas Corporation for the West Baldwin Reservoir Railway for £350. It was demonstrated in December to the Water Committee, hauling a passenger train (consisting of two of the wagons) between Derby Castle and Laxey, the last until the December 1991 trials. It was moved to West Baldwin in January 1901, remaining there till March 1904.

It was again resold to W & J Foster of Liverpool (along with 12 Wagons) for £265, moving there during June 1904. No.719 was then used on a reservoir contract at Bury, presumably being broken up in the late 1900s.

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