Wickham Railcar No. 8849

Wickham Railcar No.8849 in service at Laxey, July 2011

Builder: Wickham of Ware
Build Number: 8849
Built: 1961
Classification: Type 27A, Mk3
Numbers Previously Carried: W6/11-3
Current Number: 23
Name: None

Current Status/Location: Operational, based at Douglas IoMR Sheds
Year Last Operated: In Service
Livery: Red with White Wasp Stripes and ‘Isle of Man Transport’ stickers

Year Visited: Exact years unknown, recently 2011

History: Wickham Railcar No.8849 arrived on the island in May 1978 after purchase secondhand from the Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway in Scotland (after storage in Possil Park, Glasgow since 1973 since closure of the system). It has been used on both the IoMR and M.E.R.

No.8849 is currently based on the IoMR, in Red Isle of Man Transport livery, and has made a running appearance on the M.E.R during the July 2011 ‘Transport Festival’ event, giving rides from Laxey Station to the Substation.

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