MNR No.1 ‘Ramsey’

Builder: Sharp Stewart
Build Number: 2885
Built: 1879
Classification: 2-4-0T
Number: No.1
Name: Ramsey

Current Status/Location: Scrapped
Livery: M.N.R Tuscan Red

Year Visited: 1898

History: The first engine built for the Manx Northern Railway, No.1 ‘Ramsey’ was delivered in 1879. It was used for the construction of the Laxey to Ballure section of the M.E.R, being delivered to the Ballure end from Ramsey M.N.R by walking it through the streets with rails!

After the extension was completed, No.1 returned to the M.N.R, where it was little used after amalgamation with the Isle of Man Railway, stored out of use in 1917, with scrapping occurring in 1923, not before the M.N.R themselves trying to sell it on as a dedicated contractors locomotive!

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