Motor Rail Simplex – 40S280

40S280 with Trailer No.51 at Laxey, July 2015. © Alex Fairlie

40S280 with Trailer No.51 at Laxey, July 2015. © Alex Fairlie

Builder: Motor-Rail Co.
Build Number: 40S280
Built: 1966
Classification: 4wDM
Current Number: None Carried
Name: None, but previously nicknamed the ‘Yellow Peril’

Current Status/Location: Operational, based at Douglas IoMR Sheds
Year Last Operated: Operational
Livery: Green with IOMR Crest

History: 40S280 was built for use at NCB Kilnhurst in Yorkshire. It arrived on the island in October 1996, and has been used on both the IoMR and the M.E.R. It was repainted in 2009 into a Yellow scheme with M.E.R lettering, used at Laxey Car Shed for shunting and weedkilling trips. In July 2010 40S280 performed shunt releases for passenger workings at Ballaragh in connection with the Manx Heritage Transport Festival.

After further short appearances for weedkilling duties, in July 2015 40S280 was moved to the M.E.R once again for the Manx Heritage Transport Festival’s Diesel Day at Laxey, hauling trips from Laxey Car Shed to Dumbells Row hauling Trailer No.51, top and tailing with ‘Pig’ in the afternoon. After a period of storage at Laxey Car Shed, 40S280 was moved back to the steam railway from Derby Castle in September 2015.

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