MNR No.4 ‘Caledonia’

‘Caledonia’ on display in the Transfer Siding at Laxey, August 1995 © Neil Clifton (licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence)

Builder: Dübs and Co, Glasgow
Build Number: 2178
Built: 1885
Classification: 0-6-0T
Number: MNR No.4/IOMR No.15
Name: Caledonia

Current Status/Location: Operational, Douglas Sheds
Livery: M.N.R Tuscan Red

Year Visited: 22nd Feb 1994, 1995

History: The last engine built for the Manx Northern Railway, ‘Caledonia’ was delivered in 1885, intended for usage on the steeply graded Foxdale Railway, for which it was very capable. After the 1905 amalgamation with the Isle of Man Railway, it became No.15 in the IOMR series.

After withdrawl from service due to poor steaming, in 1975 it was placed in the Port Erin Museum, remaining until 1993, when it was taken to Douglas for overhaul, brand new tanks being funded by the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters Association. The rolling chassis was used on the 22nd February 1994, pushed by Car No.27, to ensure that 0-6-0 locomotives (Loch, the previous visitor, being a 2-4-0) could negotiate between Laxey and Dhoon Quarry, the trials being successful.

Although the locomotive is known for it’s prolific visit to the Snaefell Mountain Railway in 1995 (which it helped to construct!), ‘Caledonia’ was also used for a few trips from Laxey to Dhoon Quarry, working with Trailer No.58. ‘Caledonia’ has been in various periods of service since this, most recently for enthusiast events.

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