IOMR No.2 ‘Derby’

IOMR No.2 ‘Derby’ at Little Egypt, 1898 © Manx National Heritage

Builder: Beyer Peacock, Manchester
Build Number: 1254
Built: 1873
Classification: 2-4-0T
Number: No.2
Name: Derby

Current Status/Location: Scrapped
Livery: IoMR Brunswick Green

Year Visited: 1898

History: The second engine built for the IoMR, No.2 ‘Derby’ was delivered in 1873. It’s services were acquired by the Isle of Man Tramway and Electric Power Company for building of the Laxey to Ballure extension in 1898, to work construction trains No.2 was then shipped by sea from Ramsey’s Manx Northern station to Laxey, and then  taken up from Laxey Dock to the worksite by a road wagon hauled by traction engines!

No.2 was moved back after the completion of the work, and was withdrawn in 1949 and dismantled for spare parts. It’s remains were cut up in 1975.

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