Horse Tram No.48

Horse Trams No.48 and No.50 in store outside Derby Castle Lower Sheds during 1980-82 © Travel Lens Photographic

Builder: Vulcan Motor Engineering Co, Southport
Numbers Carried: No.48
Built: 1935
Classification: Trailer

Current Status/Location: Scrapped
Year Last Operated: 1976
Livery: Red and White

Year Visited: 1980

History: Horse Tram No.48 was built in 1935 as a batch of five (two Buses and three Horse Trams) by the Vulcan Engineering Company based in Southport, and lived a fairly average life until it’s withdrawl from service in 1976.

No.48 was then acquired by the M.E.R in 1980 for intended use as a waiting shelter at Ballaglass, as a replacement for the aging wooden example at the site. This however did not occur, and it was broken up at Derby Castle in 1982.

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