Harsco Tamping Unit

The Harsco Tamper at Port Soderick in February 2009. © David Martin

Built: 2003, Harsco Track Technologies, Michigan, USA
Visited: June 2003-Pre February 2004, November 2009, November 2012-Spring 2013, December 2013-Spring 2014

A unique 3ft Gauge Ballast Tamping Unit, it arrived on the M.E.R in June 2003. Capable of rotating on it’s own axis via a on-board hydraulic leg, it has been used on both the M.E.R and IOMR, currently kept at the IOMR’s Douglas Sheds. The unit has recently been in use on the M.E.R in 2013, between Lag Birragh and Groudle, where the sea-side line was renewed, and in 2014, for the Howstrake area relay.

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