Motor Rail Simplex No. 22021

No.22021 at Douglas IoMR, 22/03/07 © Jon Wornham

Builder: Motor-Rail Co.
Build Number: 22021
Built: 1959
Classification: 4wDM
Current Number: None Carried
Name: None

Current Status/Location: Operational, based at Port Erin Carriage Shed
Year Last Operated: In Service
Livery: Blue

Year Visited: May-July 1996, November-December 2009

History: No.22021 was built in 1959, for use at B&S Massey, a large forge in Hyde, Cheshire. It arrived on the island during 1983, but was stored awaiting use in Douglas Locomotive Sheds until 1995, whereupon it was fully overhauled.

It came to the M.E.R during the May 1996  ‘Enthusiasts Weekend’, and was also used for the Groudle Glen centenary celebrations in July, hauling Trailers No. 37 and No.49, and Car No.2/Trailer No.37 for journeys between Laxey and Minorca.

No.22021 arrived on the M.E.R again in November 2009 for assisting the return of items from the Homefield Bus Garage, and departured shortly after. It is now in service as the Port Erin Carriage Shed shunter.

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