IOMR No.4 ‘Loch’

IoMR No.4 Loch stops at Laxey with a trip to Dhoon Quarry, 1993 © Jon Wornham

Builder: Beyer Peacock, Manchester
Build Number: 1416
Built: 1874
Classification: 2-4-0T
Number: No.4
Name: Loch

Current Status/Location: Operational, Douglas Sheds
Livery: M.N.R Tuscan Red with IoMR Lining

Year Visited: Dec 1991, 1993, 1995, March 1998

History: The fourth engine delivered to the IoMR, No.4 ‘Loch’ arrived in 1874. It was rebuilt in 1909 as a medium boilered locomotive, giving the loco larger haulage capacity.

In 1991, it was chosen as the best example for visiting the M.E.R, and ran on tests that December. During it’s visits, it ran on the inland track only between Laxey and Dhoon Quarry, running with Trailers No.57 and No.58. ‘Loch’ was used for numerous private hires and service trips, usually 2 to 3 a day. No.4 also performed during a freight day at Laxey, and during the Year of Railways Cavalcade.

No.4 reappeared for trips on the M.E.R in 1995, and was used after a track relay at Prince’s Motors LC (north of Dumbells Row) whilst out of ticket (propelled by Car No.27) in March 1998 to test whether negotiation was still possible and unfortunately the locomotive derailed. As a result, steam operations in 1998 were carried out southbound from Laxey to Fairy Cottage. Loch is currently operational after a recent overhaul.

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