Ex Pair Ballast Hopper F.65

F.65 at Dhoon Quarry, April 2006. © John Ireland

Builder: Metropolitan Carriage and Wagon Co, later Isle of Man Railways.
Numbers Carried: F.65
Built: 1910
Classification: All Third

Current Status/Location: Operational, Isle of Man Railway
Year Last Operated: 2010?
Livery: Black/Grey

Year Visited: Numerous

History: F.65 was built as the amalgamation of 4-wheeled coaches B.22 and C.7 on a bogied chassis. The coach ran until 1973, whereupon the body was scrapped for rebuilding as a ballast hopper. The work was completed in 1983, being utilised on track relaying and ballasting programmes on both the IOMR and the Manx Electric.

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