Spring 2013 Fleet Update

Car No.2 on its second day in passenger service since September 2010 on the 30th March. The 1893-built Car is seen at Laxey with Trailer No.57 at 4:55pm.

Car No.2 on its second day in passenger service since September 2010 on the 30th March. © Andrew Scarffe

March to May 2013


  • 1893-built Car No.2 returned to active passenger service for the first time since September 2010 on the 29th March, working several diagrams over the Easter weekend. The 120-year old Car made its first moves in Derby Castle Yard on the 11th March prior to a ‘drying out’ trip with Works Trailer No.45 to Ramsey two days later. Following this, No.2 made a return to passenger service on Good Friday 29th March, working several diagrams over the Easter weekend.  The Car has seen attention to its controllers as well as recieving the freshly overhauled trucks which, until July 2012, were in use under Car No.7.
  • Tunnel Car No.6 was fitted with temporary hi-intensity lights above its end doorways in late May. These are operated by compressed air powered by the whistle pedal, and are intended for night-time running on timetabled evening services.
  • Following further attention to its new trucks, Car No.7 undertook a sucessful test run on the 28th May, with an intended return to service scheduled for the busy TT ‘Mad Sunday‘ and ‘Ramsey Sprint‘ events.
  • Car No.16 returned to the active fleet in early May following minor mechanical attention in April.
  •  Winter Saloon No.21 returned to service in mid-April. The Car, which had been plagued with many small problems during the 2012 season and winter, has reportedly become a far more reliable car during the last two months.
  • Following operation of both Cars in Easter, No.32 permanently rejoined the passenger fleet in early April and has been used on numerous occasions since. No.32 has regularly been the Laxey-allocated works car for several years and has seen passenger service only as part of enthusiast events and expanded timetables for the TT period.
  • Crossbench Car No.33 became the allocated works car during the first week of April to replace sister Car No.32. The 1906-built Car had been fitted with cab windscreens in January for permanent way use, although these were removed in early May as the Car was expected to be used on passenger duties during the TT fortnight.
  • Locomotive No.34 had become the active Laxey works car by the 19th of May to allow both Nos.32 and 33 to assume passenger duties as part of the TT fortnight.


  • Trailer No. 51 has returned to active service following a winter overhaul. The 1893-built Trailer saw attention to its trucks during March and April, and returned to service on the 29th May paired with Car No.32.
  • Disabled Access Trailer No.56 was repainted in the Spring, its first since entering traffic after conversion in 1995. The Trailer, painted into the same livery as previous, was used during the ‘Swinging 60s’ weekend (18/19 May) as a static events venue at Laxey.
  • Saloon Trailers Nos. 57, 58 and 59 have seen an unprecedented level of use throughout the spring months, with all three trailers seeing daily service at several points in the season so far. Further use for these vehicles has been the intention of Isle of Man Railways since the overhaul of Trailer No.57 in 2011, and all three vehicles have proven to be popular and versatile members of the fleet.
  • Green No.60 made its first passenger journeys in 2013 on the 25th May. The 1896-built Trailer returned to service in late 2012 however was not officially used on passenger services.

Wagons & Other


Motors & Trailers that have (at the time of writing) have worked on passenger duties in 2013 so far are:


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