Winter 2013/4 Fleet Update

Car No.20 awaits the completion of its Winter paint-job, March 2014 © Jon Wornham

Car No.20 awaits the completion of its Winter paint-job, March 2014 © Jon Wornham

December 2013 to February 2014


  • Both 1893-built Cars are receiving attention, with Car No.1‘s roof seeing repairs, and Car No.2‘s wheels being removed for re-profiling after wheel flats became an issue in 2013.
  • Several members of the operational fleet have had their trucks cleaned and repainted, including Tunnel Cars 5, 6 and 9.
  • Cars No.6 and 19 have had their end panels repainted to replace the ‘MER 120’ branding carried by both vehicles during 2013.
  • 1899-built Winter Saloon No.20 is being repainted at Derby Castle into full 1930s livery, however with the teak panelling painted darker, matching that on Cars 1 and 2. At the time of writing, the repaint was mostly complete with only the lettering due to be added.
  • As per previous years, Car No.32 has been in use throughout the winter on overhead line maintenence work.

Trailers, Wagons & On Track Plant

  • Works Trailer No.45 has been heavily used during the winter, seeing use on both the track relay between Howstrake and Lag Birragh in late 2013, and the ongoing Laxey redevelopment.
  • A selection of vehicles usually based on the Isle of Man Steam Railway have been used on the M.E.R. over the winter to be used on the track redevelopment at Laxey station.  Returning items are Simplex 40S280 and the Harsco tamping unit however it is a first-time appearence for the IMR’s bogie ballast hopper F.70. All three arrived in early December and have seen use both at Laxey and on the relay at Lag Birragh.
  • Open wagon RF308, previously used in conjunction with the Sewage plant installation at The Garey in 2012, has been converted into a ballast-tipping hopper wagon during December, and has also been in use on the Laxey station relay.
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