Stops and Stations – Laxey

Pole Number: 359
Status: Open

Miles from Derby Castle: 7.10
Miles from Ramsey: 10.68

Access: North end onto New Road, South end onto New Road and Church Hill.

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Notes: Laxey is the interchange for the Snaefell Mountain Railway, which shares the area and runs to the larger gauge of 3ft 6, with the need to accommodate the central rail.  The station also has a building housing a booking office for both M.E.R and S.M.R trips, along with a small cafe and toilets. The Mines Tavern and it’s beer garden adjoin the northern part of the station area, serving ales and drinks throughout the day.

Laxey, facing Ramsey.

Laxey, facing Ramsey.

Laxey, facing Derby Castle.

Laxey, facing Derby Castle.

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