Stops and Stations – Dumbell’s Row

Pole Number: 372
Status: Open

Miles from Derby Castle: 7.25
Miles from Ramsey: 10.53

Access: Pavement/ballast onto Ramsey Road.

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Notes: The stop is the best interchange for The Laxey Wheel, being a 10 minute walk along Mines Road, and the Great Laxey Mines Railway just below it, a 19in gauge line running from the washing floors to the old mine entrance. The Snaefell Wheel is also visible below the stop, adjacent to the Mines station. The M.E.R line also goes over the island’s only railway tunnel, which the Mines Railway passes through to the north of the station.

Adjacent to the stop is a siding, now used for the loading and unloading of rolling stock from road vehicles, which was a replacement for the one laid in 1993 for the Year of Railways celebration when IoMR No4 ‘Loch’ was used on services between Dumbell’s Row and Dhoon Quarry.

Dumbell's Row, Facing Ramsey. © Alex Fairlie

Dumbell’s Row, Facing Ramsey. © Alex Fairlie

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