Rush Hour 2015 Review

The Easter Weekend of 3rd-6th of April saw the second ‘Rush Hour’ event organised on the Manx Electric Railway, featuring a variety of enthusiast-based events on the Manx Electric Railway.

This years events incorporated an intensive service on the Sunday as well as several other events recorded below. A gallery of photos featuring the M.E.R. over the Rush Hour period is available by clicking the thumbnails. If you would like your photo included, please contact the web team via the Contacts page or our facebook page.


Friday April 3rd

An unusual combinations day was held with the appearance of not regularly seen pairings of cars and trailers on the timetabled service, with the following in traffic:

  • Car No.1/Trailer No.48
  • Car No.6/Trailer No.60
  • Car No.2/Trailer No.40
  • Car No.7/Trailer No.47

Car No.1 was swapped in the afternoon following problems with its trolley for Car No.9, giving the fifth unusual combination on service, with No.9 returning to Derby Castle later in the afternoon.

Tours of Derby Castle Car Sheds were ran by in association with Depot Supervisor Steve Hall, and a separate review of this event can be found HERE.

In the evening a film presentation was held at the Manx Museum in the company of members from the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters Assocation, which was well attended by local residents and visiting enthusiasts alike. Attendees were shown a 1960s publicity film of the Manx Electric (thought to be played in the Sefton booking office to would-be punters), and given a ‘guided journey’ along both Douglas to Ramsey lines by steam and electric, with the steam focusing on colour views from the 1960s, and electric on early views from 1893 to 1914.


Saturday April 4th

The second day of the event saw the two newest cars in the M.E.R fleet, No.s 32 and 33 in operation, with the rarely seen Trailer No.43 and last-built Trailer No.44. In addition, the operational fleet of M.E.R goods rolling stock added to the back of services. The following combinations were used in traffic:

  • Car No.32/Trailer No.43/Van No.4/Wagon No.8
  • Car No.33/Trailer No.44/Wagon No.10
  • Car No.7/Trailer No.47
  • Car No.2/Trailer No.40

Tours of Laxey Car Shed were ran by, and a separate review of this event can be found HERE.


Sunday April 5th

The third day saw the ‘Rush to Ramsey’ special event, with a scheduled non-stop departure to Ramsey operated by Car No.1 alongside AEC Regent III No.64. Unfortunately due to the foggy weather none of the scheduled classic cars turned up to join them! The Derby Castle-Ramsey non-stop journey took the car 1 hour, 5 minutes and 4 seconds.

The day saw limited edition stamp covers available for purchase from Van No.4 at Laxey Station, conveyed by Car No.19/Trailer No.40 on the outbound, and Car No.1 on the return.

A special intensive timetable between Derby Castle and Laxey with 8 sets was operated for the majority of the day, with the following Car sets in use:

  • Car No.1 (Van No.4 carried from Laxey-Derby Castle)
  • Car No.19/Trailer No.40 (Van No.4 carried from Derby Castle-Ramsey-Laxey)
  • Car No.7/Trailer No.48
  • Car No.2/Trailer No.60
  • Car No.6/Trailer No.21
  • Car No.21
  • Car No.32/Trailer No.43
  • Car No.33/Trailer No.44Car No.2 later failed with compressor problems, which saw a ‘swap around’ to enable Car No.33/Trailer No.44 to pick up its diagram. On the last trip of the day from Ramsey, Car No.7/Trailer No.48 encountered overhead line problems at Bulgham, with the cars coasting down to Laxey as a result.


Monday April 6th

The Monday started off with a parallel run of the newest cars within the fleet, Car No.32 and Car No.33 (hauling Van No.4) between Derby Castle and Groudle, with a photo-stop at Lag Birragh. After arrival and a brief photo-call at Groudle, No.33 and Van 4 continued on to Laxey, while No.32 returned to Derby Castle. The following combinations were used in traffic:

  • Car No.22/Trailer No.43
  • Car No.6/Trailer No.44
  • Car No.19/Trailer No.40
  • Car No.21/Trailer No.41

With the wires under repair at Bulgham, services until 12:00 ran between Derby Castle and Laxey only, with the motorman taster sessions previously advertised to take place between Laxey and Ballaragh changing to between Laxey and Garwick, with participants changing over at Fairy Cottage. The day again saw limited edition stamp covers available for purchase from Van No.4 at Laxey Station.

The day was not without incident, with Car No.21 suffering a motor defect, being replaced on service by Car No.32, which remained in service for the remainder of the day.


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