Laxey Car Shed Tours – April 2015

As part of the April 2015 Rush Hour Event, four shed tours of Laxey Car Shed were undertaken on the 4th of April. Volunteer stewards from the team worked alongside Isle of Man Railways and the Derby Castle Shed Staff to enable a comprehensive tour of the building and its contents to be given.

Although there is not as much physically to see as at the Derby Castle site – tour participants were given a history of the building and the rolling stock currently housed within, including the following:

  • Locomotive No.23
  • Car No.25
  • Car No.26
  • Car No.27
  • Car No.28 (drawn forward partially out of the shed)
  • Car No.30
  • Freight Trailer No.26 (on display to the rear of the shed)
  • Trailer No.50
  • Trailer No.52


All tours were well loaded and The team would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved with the operation of the tours and all the photographers and enthusiasts who took part.

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