Technical – Van No.4 (1894)

Built: G.F Milnes, Birkenhead
Delivered to M.E.R:
December 1894


1943 – General Overhaul
Winter 1957/58 – General Overhaul
1992/93 – Full Overhaul, undertaken at Ramsey Shipyard


1894-Early 1950s: Unknown

Early 1950s-Winter 1957/58: Grey with Black Lettering on Doors (No. and 4)

Winter 1957/58-Early 1970s: Grey with White Lettering (M.E.R and No.4)

Early 1970s-Spring 1993: Grey with Black Lettering (M E R and No.4)

Spring 1993-Current: Post Office Red with White Lettering (I.O.M.T & E.P.Co Ltd and No.4) (Royal Mail Boards carried on sides during 1993)

Notable Dates:

Spring 1992 – Moved from Ramsey to Ramsey Shipyard (for Overhaul)

Spring 1993 – Moved from Ramsey Shipyard to Derby Castle (for return to traffic)

17/10/1996 – Moved from Derby Castle Car Sheds to IOMR Douglas Carriage Shed (Road 3) for storage.

xx/12/1997 – Moved from IOMR Douglas Carriage Shed (Road 3) to Derby Castle

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