Technical – Van No.14 (1903/04)

Built: G.F Milnes, Birkenhead
Delivered to M.E.R:


1936 – General Overhaul
Winter 1957/58 – General Overhaul
1982 – Front and Rear Advertising Hoardings Fitted
June 2002 – Body Removed


1904-Late 1940s: Unknown

Late 1940s-Early 1950s – Grey with Black Lettering (14)

Early 1950s-Winter 1957/58: Grey with Black Lettering (14)

Winter 1957/58-Summer 1966: Grey with Black Lettering (M E R and No.14)

Summer 1966-Winter 1972/73: Grey with Black Lettering (M.E.R and No.14)

Winter 1972/73-1982: Grey with Black Lettering (M E R and 14)

1982-Current: Red with Black Lettering (14) (Lettering changed to White in 1984, body removed June 2002)

Notable Dates:

June 2002 – Moved from Ramsey Cattle Dock Siding to Douglas IOMR for further use (by road)

2003-2006 – Moved from Douglas IOMR to Homefield Bus Garage for storage (by road)

30/10/2009 – Moved from Homefield Bus Garage to Dhoon Quarry, Creosote Cottage Site for further storage (by road)

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