Technical – Trailer No.59 (1895)

Built: Electric Railway and Tramway Carriage Works Ltd, 1904
Delivered to M.E.R:
Summer 1895

1895-1900: None, 4-wheeler
1900-Current: Milnes Series 2

Seating Style:
1895-Current: Transverse Reversible 2+1 wooden seats

Seating Capacity:
1895-Current: 18

Late 1890s: Side Window Bars fitted
1933: Bulkheads replaced, Platform ends swapped from Derby Castle seaside end and Ramsey landside end to Derby Castle landside end and Ramsey seaside end
1947-1950: Side Window Bars removed


1895-1903: Trailer No.26
1903-1906: Trailer No.33
1906-Current: Trailer No.59

Summer 2004-Spring 2005



Dates Carried Livery Notes Image
1895-1903 Blue/White/Teak with ‘Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Co Limited/Douglas and Laxey Electric Tramway’ lettering  IoMTaEPCo lettering likely painted
1903-Late 1940s Red/White/Teak with ‘The Manx Electric Railway Co Ltd.’ lettering  Repainted 1934
Late 1940s-1957 Red/White/Teak with ‘The Manx Electric Railway Co Ltd.’ lettering Only dash panels repainted
1957-Post 1963 Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway.’ lettering
Pre 1965-Mid 1980s Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway.’ lettering Only Dash Panels repainted, rest touched up, brown roof post-1978
Mid 1980s-Autumn 2004 Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway.’ lettering. Roof repainted white by 1993
Spring 2005-Current Red/White/Teak with ‘Manx Electric Railway’ lettering.

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